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I came across this interesting 2012 Marketplace Maven info graphic ‘Social Media Explained With Coffee’  on Social Networking, which states the following,

  • Facebook : I like Coffee
  • Twitter : I am drinking #Coffee
  • LinkedIn : I am good at drinking Coffee
  • YouTube : Watch me as I drink Coffee
  • Pinterest : Here is a collection of Pictures and recipes of coffee drinks
  • Quora : What is the difference between a Latte and a Macchiato ?
  • Instagram : Here’s a vintage picture of me drinking coffee

Precise, isn’t it ? Social networking have become the part and parcel of our daily lives, and we stick to it for some reasons difficult to self explain. The worst part is people confuse their social networking life for their social lives. We tend to check our phones every minute to check the number of likes on a profile picture because people love attention and crave for traffic in their status updates. We also have second thoughts about sharing too much online about personal lives, but only sometimes. This may in a way influence our professional impression. Our etiquette and lifestyle would be displayed and judged, but we tend to not bother for the temporary fame. We lose our English skills and pave the way for consonants more, as twitter statuses are restricted to certain number of letters. We voice our opinions online and entertain the folks out there in the name of personal branding. As the power of hashtags overpowers the intelligence.

I also read about ‘The Social Sickness’, a Marketo blog post by Rohit Bhargava where he describes a number of traits of the social media geeks, the alert lover, the one who loves the buzz of the notifications, the social guru, the one who proclaim themselves so and acts less of a human being, the verb creator, the one who uses the social media sites as verbs, ‘I’ll whatsapp you’, ‘I’ll instagram the picture’, etc., the vowel hater, the one who assuage to make use of the available number of letters, the blog referencer, the one who replies every question with the reference to their blog posts, the self proclaimed influencer, who regularly check their influence online, the multi mayor, who checks in every location they drive by, the liker, the one who uses the like button for every post that acts as their eye candy, the constant checker, the one who checks their profiles every 2 minutes for the attention, and the freak outer, the one who freaks out on network issues. I am pretty sure, we all would fall among these categories.

Though social networking offers benefits of their own, as connectivity among the people who share common interests, platform to express their opinions and talents, real time information, targeted marketing, it has their own set of cons, leakage of personal information through hacking, health problems, cyber bullying, privacy and time loss, thus leading to decreased productivity and fraud risks.

It would be hypocritical to shout out, ‘Stay away from social networking sites’ and advice to be interactive with the people around us. Lifestyle puts an unavoidable need to be online to fake and make a life worthy to show off. The emancipation from technology is nearly impossible in a world where everyone is racing, where there are abundant opportunities and possibilities. It’s ridiculous to be the soul slain beings causing devastation to our true beliefs. The self display in a social networking site and its consequences shakes and tousles our lives, yet we remain fools to accept the truth that, the lustre is deceiving. Its true nature has always persisted a conundrum. The conjuring happiness veers away readily. The percentage of its indulgence in our lives is directly proportional to our decisiveness. The facts could be enigmatic to embrace but the truth could be never surpassed.

Let’s not be notional to accomplish the appeasement of the authority, and let’s be realistic, be conscious of the stuffs we reveal online, be safe of our identity, be diplomatic of our personal lives and at least try to be human !


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