The Power of Words

 Handle them with care, for words have more power than atom bombs – Pearl Strachan

In ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, John Green had mentioned that ‘Depression is the side effect of dying, not that of cancer’ and ‘Pain demands to be felt’. He is indeed a genius to convey some powerful messages about life through adult romance novels unlike a few other authors, who have otherwise horrid concepts and storylines. Words have incessant effects over minds, as the saying goes, ‘Pen is mightier than sword’. People love reading motivational books or blogs, believing that skimming through those contents, for sure, shall motivate their minds to be belligerent enough to take down all negativity in and around them. However, that’s not what the truth evidently is.

Even though reading is considered to be one of the most powerful psychological techniques for mental well-being, its fruits can be fetched only when the real meaning of which the author has intended to convey is absorbed by the reader and in a way, implemented accordingly. Even then, some influential authors have debated over the idea that once an author had written something, his power will be declined. It is up to the readers to attenuate or augment the level of the prowess assent to his words. Maybe that’s the reason behind the number of upvotes for an answer in Quora or the number of likes for a post in Facebook or simply because convergence theory of crowd psychology takes over. Most of the motivational authors or bloggers tend to manipulate the reader’s psychological thoughts to make them believe that they are or at level zero and thus they need some motivation; Do you hate your current job? Are you stuck in society’s trap? Are your scores low? Is negativity surrounding you? Only a few encourage them as to improvise them from better persons to their possible bests. I have come across and read a few, but I’m not well-equipped linguistically to suggest a few, mostly because of personal experiences adhered to the bookish concepts teach a lot; may it be either degrading or upgrading.

When an answer on Quora comes with a ‘k’ in the up-votes, people tend to read it more probably, than one with a two digit up-votes (Glad, they introduced the new feature). A book with over a hundred good reviews and ratings on Goodreads will be considered more than one with lesser reviews by the readers. Does that mean that the answer with a meager up-votes or a book without such reviews is redundant? Of course not! An answer that deals with ‘How to bake a cake’ may not serve well for a master baker or book that deals with basic psychoanalysis techniques may not appeal a reader like Sigmund Freud, for he is the pioneer of that subject itself. Those ‘popular’ answers or books might have served the purpose of the readers well and the rest? Just waiting for their moment!

Words are like travel destinations; the purpose of them shall be fulfilled only after reaching to them. There are three categories of such travelers; one with more money but less time to travel, one with more time but less monetary sources to travel and the ones with both money and time, but are afraid to travel alone. The latter category of people will always require a company with them to do anything. In his book, ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’, Robin Sharma had beautifully portrayed the self-realization and surrealism experienced by Julian Mantle, a successful litigator, who left all his fortunes and went on searching for the true meaning of living. “He felt oneness with his surroundings, a kind of kinship that two old friends might enjoy after many years spent listening to each other’s innermost thoughts and laughing at each other’s jokes.”, he described how Julian, in his journey to search for the Secret Monks of Sivana, felt reconnecting with his surroundings after a long when he was all alone. Sometimes, it has to be alone, we should enjoy ourselves. Sit for a while, think about us, how interesting our character is, how independent our feelings are, how deeply are we affected by emotions, how well do we manage them and millions of other self-exploring questions. The answers will either be poignant or passionate, but they belong to us and sure aren’t they ignorable.

Certain journeys are meant to travel, sometimes alone; to unveil the fact that a source will always lead to a destination irrespective of the paths, to trust in oneself that, no matter how hard it turns out to be, there always will be brightness at the end, to love this world for in turn making it a better to be loved by.

In the end of the day, the power of words cannot be measured, for it is fathomless. People are reserved with such kind of power, especially their actions, that enable them to absorb the words as what they are meant for. Write more, motivate many, spread much of the happiness, for all we, as a speck in this indefinite universe, can make our presence worthwhile. Happy Reading!

Image Source: The Open Mind


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