The Slaughtering Truth

Trust is earned, respect is given and loyalty is demonstrated. Since birth, we are taught of how to trust people, a little baby laughs hard when he/she is thrown up in the air, because he knew someone would catch him, that’s trust we earn of our parents, and when we grew up, kids begin to observe us very keenly, they value our actions louder than words.

Once a girl was travelling in a plane, the plane trembled because of some turbulence issues, there came repeated announcements to fasten the seat belt, every now and then. People started panicking, cried over their sins, prayed for mercy and begged for pardon. They prayed harder to get over the storm especially when the plane was stumbling. But surprisingly, the girl showed no fear, she was calm and composed reading her book, even amongst the chaos. A devastated man, seated near her observed her actions, and wondered. He asked her, how could she be calm in the adversity happening around, she smiled and replied, “The pilot of the plane is my dad, he is taking me home”. That’s her trust over her dad. She trusted her dad based on the promises he kept earlier. And this trust wouldn’t be broken even in chaos, because her mind firmly believed in the fact that her dad would take her home safely.

But when the kids grew up as adults, as we, the commoners, we come across different kinds of individuals who tend to have different opinions over life. When their beliefs confuse our beliefs, the trust is shaken. Not all turns out to be trustworthy, and they have their own realities in being so. This cannot be complained either, but we can draw circles, and decide whom are we allowing to trust with our secrets. It may take a really long time to identify a person’s true identity, but the sooner, the better. That’s where our gut instincts offer its hand for rescue, as a superpower, conveying inside our head that something is not right. Because, we’re not a paranoid, we can pick up vibrations that disturbs our balance. Energy doesn’t lie, like the humans do, according to their convenience. No matter what, some people do not change, they come up with new lies in the name of trust. Don’t drown away. One must realize from their inner conscience that he/she shouldn’t break someone’s trust. It may further doubt all of our truths, and this situation cannot be mended even when the time roll on, as the scar remains unhealed. Because slaughtering with a truth is always better than stabbing with a lie. Honesty is a divine virtue, a man of low morals, will be never able to practice it, though he claims to be honest and trustworthy.

Trust is a luxury. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. So think twice about trusting a person who has let you down more than twice. Once was a warning, twice was a lesson, and anything more is taking advantage. Breaking someone’s trust is like crumpling a piece of paper. You can smooth it over but it’s never going to be the same again. Trust actions, and pay no heed to the sophisticated promising words.


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  1. In ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’, Agatha Christie said something like ‘Women observe the minute details of things or events around them, sometimes sub-consciously, and present them as intuitions. They never realize that they had those observations in their deeper cob-webs of mind’. True or not, this tells something about it, ‘The Gut Feelings’.

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