Time Travel !

“If you could go back in time and change certain incidents in your life, when and where do you wanna go?” she was asked, “That’s tough” she exclaimed, “You can brainstorm for a while and then decide”, she was told, “Let me think”, she began, “I would first like to go to my 5th birthday, because that’s when I ate all my birthday candies by myself, my parents used to say that was the reason behind my tonsils surgery, which happened when I was 8, that was too cruel to bear at that age, maybe I would go there and stop me from having all the candies” she laughed, “It might be very unlikely but I was abused when I was 9, I would rather go there and slam the person, I would have done that even then only if I could have realized” she stammered, “I would have suggested my dad to purchase a new home in our earlier neighborhood because I liked it’s ambiance very much but I was too young to have clarity and suggest someone in their livelihood decisions” she cheered, “I watched a film which basically led to my fear of loneliness and dark, I should’ve not watched it, might be I wasn’t mature enough to comprehend the content and accept it just as a movie, now I have but there are still traces left as I am quite hesitant to watch horror movies even now, but I could have ignored many disturbing encounters if I wasn’t frightened, hence I may go back and stop me from watching that movie” she revived, “There was this neighbor who I loved so much, to be exact, she loved me so much, and she had an awe to have a daughter like me, during my leisure times, she used to take me to her home and teach me stuff she knew, like very little things, embroidery, DIYs, cooking in minimal time, etc., but I wouldn’t listen keenly because of my childish attitude, I would rather wanna go out and play, when she got shifted from there I really missed her pampering so much, now I feel like I should go back and maybe track where she resides and learn all the stuff she wants to teach me then” she regretted, “I was placed next to this boy in my class, I got comfortable in his presence in a noticeable manner which later developed into a crush on him, so maybe I would avoid the incidental placements in our class, if I am given a chance” she thought, “I would have avoided that mini suicide attempt, which even now haunts me, for the reason behind that stupid attempt” she continued, “I would have taken a different school which obviously could have a better option to score, that would have led me to pursue medicine” she repented, “I would have taken a course which I would be comfortable to learn and expertise than the one I chose for the convenience of sophistication” she rued, “I would have given ‘No’ for an answer twice if I wasn’t driven by emotions” she atoned, “Basically I would have ignored all the embarrassing situations where I was claimed fool, detached from the persons who sucked away my emotional and mental energy, changed the moments I was lazy and irresponsible, been more amiable and kind to the ones I really should have, utilized the time I have wasted on useless things, avoided sharing my personal life incidents to the ones who really doesn’t bother and could have been a better individual”, she concluded, after a brief brainstorming session, she was asked again, “Okay then, tell me now, where do you wanna go and what do you wanna change, based on your priority”, “You know what, I am fine, I just wanna be here, now”, she decided.

P.S. Don’t regret any of the moments in your life, sometimes you win, but every time you learn, they are valuable lessons taught to you from time to time, to be the person who you are ! Live the moment, Learn even from the most little things and head on !


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