If I Disappear,…

Yeah, I want to know,

What If I disappear,

Under the sea or behind the snow,

And waffle to near.

I may never return,

For all the letdown,

You never concern,

As you claim the crown.

I may still reminisce,

My eyes shedding tears,

And heart plainly dehisce,

That conscience barely hears.

I may never forgive,

Yet I hope to, someday,

Since I ought to relive,

Though I realize, I am just an ashtray.

I must take the stand,

To compass the dignity,

But, debacles are where, I land,

Yet, chose not to compromise integrity.

I may seem an apocalypse to be,

Of whom you may smear,

Yet, will you come looking for me,

If I disappear……



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