Weak Days !

“Why do people hate me so much ?” Mon mourned.

“I don’t think that’s hatred” Tue clarified. “What else, then?” Mon extended.

“Why do you think so, Mon?” Wed intervened.

“That’s indeed, hatred. But you know what, people have a feeling on you because they feel they own you, and it is better than to have a void” Thur expatiated.

“Losers! I give them happiness and bliss, the urge to be, at the least, hence they feel they own me, not the boring Mon” Fri boasted.

“The control of their happiness is in my hands, let me tell you something Fri, they may love you a little, but only with the desperation to meet me, so yeah, come out of your daydreams” Sat bragged.

“Not every time, Sat, don’t be overconfident of your control, the conclusions you jump into are unrealistic, and Mon, let me clarify your doubts, people hate you because you can never be me, the bliss they obtain from me is rejuvenating to meet the pressure you put them into” Sun vaunted.

“That’s my purpose of existence, I am doing what I am assigned to, they come to me with their own aspirations, I am not compelling anyone, do you get that Sun?” Mon enraged, “The pressure you mention reaches the summit because of Fri, not because of me” Mon corrected.

“Be cool, Mon! Fri, Sat and Sun, you’re a bunch of unproductive idiots and you’re just exaggerating too much. You can’t imagine what we can provide them” Tue supported.

“We all have our purpose, why to worry if we finish our assigned jobs genuinely, there’s neither higher nor lower roles, everyone of us is unique, why don’t you guys understand and accept that fact ?” Wed cajoled.

“Might be, but some get credits, some hatred, and the one like me, none. I mean, none, they don’t feel either happy or sad because of me, why do I have to live?” Thur was depressed.

“That’s because you don’t know your worth” Wed specified. “Is it so, Wed ? You tell me, then” Thur directed.

“Somehow, what Fri, Sat and Sun, said about themselves are true if we could relate to the mindset of the people who create chaos between us now” Wed explained, the others remained silent and listened to him keenly, “They gain rest from their hectic routine schedules, happiness by refreshing and rejuvenating and energy to face the upcoming assignments, but you know what, there is no gain without pain, hence they work hard initially though they are annoyed, they chose what they do, you act as a bridge between the pain and the gain, dear Thur, if you don’t live, they can never attain the fruit of their hard work. The head bursting assignments and the submissions happen on either sides of you. You’re an essential element for their life to be in balance, know your worth, Thur” Wed continued, “I have mine, you all have yours, know, understand and acknowledge” he propounded. The rest nodded with a smile.


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