It’s Complicated !

“Things could have been simple”, she stated, ‘Yes’ he nodded, “Don’t tell me that’s because of the difference in our opinions” he added, “We’ve had them all times” she clarified, “Not all times” he corrected, “Then, what could be ?” she enraged, “We didn’t expect things unfolding this way” he replied, “Which way?” she demanded, “The way in which we would lose our mind” he explained, “At the most, you” he continued, “I had hopes and I still have” he confessed, “I have priorities” she pointed, “I can see that” he affirmed, “Can’t we really work on it ?” he asked, “I already have tried umpteen times” she frustrated, “Have I ever disappointed you?” he asked, “Don’t you dare think, you didn’t” she sighed, “Don’t I deserve a chance?” he asked, “Do I owe you one ?” she enraged, “Again?” she infuriated, “I wasn’t prepared, I know, I have been foolish, I was in a hurry, that was an explosion of emotions, an apocalypse in disguise, the irresistible adrenaline rush, the jitters that seemed exuberant, the unexpressed feelings, the midnight confessions, which are, of course, nonsensically genuine, the attraction and the interaction, the smiles and the tears, the dreams and aspirations, the words and the silence, the expectations and the disappointments, not the least, the love and the pain, I have gone through it all” she cried, “Words May fail, I believe by my conscience, that I was honest, but I couldn’t help, it’s not about you, it’s about me, my fear, my guilt and my responsibility” she cried further, he didn’t seem to console either, as he was broken more choking to find words, he couldn’t control, he wanted to scream but he didn’t, he wished that everything could get alright soon, that things were easier as it was earlier, that he could mend the mistakes, that he could work things out, that this wasn’t complicated as it turned out and this could last longer, but the only thing she wished was, ‘We could have been friends’ she confessed, ‘Just Friends?’ he asked, ‘Just Great Friends!’ she confirmed.


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