All about Glee !

I was on Glee watching marathon lately, I have never been stuck to TV shows, mainly because I get bored as time rolls and I get drifted from the story line, but sometimes when I watch some really good movies, I want to feel the same for more time, and I wonder it could have been like a series to watch more of it. If I want to spend my leisure time, I prefer either reading or writing, but I needed a change in my preferences, that’s how I decided to watch some series to keep me engaged from some disturbing thoughts I have been going through lately, I had the app hotstar, and there was this show named ‘Glee’ in preferences with the tagline ‘Teen’ and ‘Musical’. And that’s it, I didn’t even read the plot, I began to watch with the same old mindset of dropping the idea in due time, but to my surprise I didn’t, at first I thought, that’s because I want to keep me engaged with something or the other not to be distracted in any kind of negativity, but then I realized I liked to engage in this particular show. I started to find reasons why this doesn’t bore me at any point of the show, to be honest, it did bore me at negligible moments, but that has never been the concern to drop it. I just wanted to convey that sometimes you’ve to experiment your preferences to find where your mind takes you to, I loved Glee because it reminded me of my high school many times, my school has been very close to my heart since day 1, I learnt a lot there, more about me than about the subjects, every episode of Glee reminded me something or the other from my school and I was reliving them in my head, I suppose, that’s the best reason to proceed with Glee until the very end. If you keep reading, there would definitely be spoiler alerts, and that’s a humble warning.

My first impression

Being a part of something special makes you special, right ?

Being a part of something special doesn’t make it special, something is special because you’re a part of it !

I love quotes, because it delivers the essence of the message that I ought to convey, in less number of words, and this has been the first impression in glee when the lead character Rachel Berry made a statement, “Being a part of something special makes you special, right?” I would definitely agree, yes it is. Because I have always been the outcast, surrounded by less number of friends, mainly due to my melt downs. Nobody, I mean, literally nobody understood that’s a part of me and tried their hard to push that very nature of mine aside. They failed indirectly when I failed to satisfy how they want me to be. I was popular in a good way in school, as in, every teacher would address me with so much love and respect, even now, after 4 years of my graduation, since I was good in academics and literary activities. I didn’t make much friends due to my melodramatic nature and I was engaged in arts in a restricted manner. I was never good at singing, though I hum sometimes, but shaking my head with my headphones on, is kinda my mannerism :p I was interested in dancing but I didn’t realize my passion until I was 8 ( I was practicing the signature step of ‘oh mariya’ until I got it right) and I was hesitant in pursuing them, because I wasn’t able to convince my parents about it, as they firmly believed that would affect my academics. I wasn’t the pretty girl also, I was skinny with big eyes, and I ruined my looks even further when I started wearing specs. From then, ‘To be beautiful’ was just a dream, and I was conscious about my looks, hence I was briefly involved in arts, because I believed good looks and flawless movements are essential features if I had to be on the stage. High school was good in the way that I performed 11 times, the highest in an year, to my concern, but I want to learn what I enjoy, I was hoping someday I will have courage to be involved more as I always aspired to be. Glee gave me the courage, profoundly affecting me to take classes and I will, definitely. No matter how I look and however my arthritis holds me back, I will pursue what I am passionate about. Thank you Glee ❤

Favorite Character


Without any doubts, Kurt Hummel (played by Chris Colfer) ! Integrity, is the one word if I am asked to describe his character ! I didn’t expect he would turn out to be my favorite when he sang ‘Cellophane’ in his audition at the first episode, but he made me smile every time on his one liner outbursts. He was a damn cute boy transformed into a dashing man, if you were able to observe. Here are some of the many reasons, I loved Kurt,

  • He was a cute boy (Oh Bambi)
  • His sense of fashion and he is very particular about his outfits (I am so depressed, I wore the same outfit twice this week)
  • His love his dad (It’s just really scary to think that when I finally reach my destiny that you won’t be around to see it)
  • His fright against bullying (Sort of!) (BUT, one day you will all work for me)
  • His courage to overcome them (COURAGE) (With Blaine’s picture :p)39035f28e45efa6197bda02d05a51f74


  • He didn’t reveal Karofsky (I never told anyone)
  • He is possessive of Blaine (Did you vaporub my ex-boyfriend?)


  • He stood up for Rachel until the very end (Turn around)
  • He is different and he is proud (I swear I will never change)
  • He is sensible (Hell to the Yes)
  • He never said goodbye to Blaine (I choose to trust and to love you through everything)
  • He was committed to his love (I wanted to confess my undying love for you)
  • He is confident (I will be auditioning for the role of kicker)
  • He is funny (No, this is her son)
  • He never gave a damn for the umpteen nicknames (I guess, Porcelain)
  • He fought against the bullies in NY (You’re nothing but a bunch of cowards)
  • He made his dad find his love (Hummel-Hudson)
  • He is the one stop solution for his friends’ problems (Shut Up!)
  • He improves (One should watch him in NYADA)
  • He demands (I am not a box and I have more than four sides)
  • He made me smile (That’s why I love you so much)
  • He made me cry (That’s also why I love you more)
  • He struggled (And gained my respect)
  • And he survived (With scars!)

I also heard that Chris Colfer originally auditioned for the role Artie, unfortunately he didn’t bag the one, but the writers created the role Kurt Hummel, inevidently to be played by Chris. I could never imagine watching Glee without Kurt. He deserves to have one.

Favorite Season

This is quite tough, I liked all seasons, but Season 3 could be preferred as favorite, because of certain reasons,

  • Kurt and Blaine were together in the same school (Blaine’s transfer to McKinley)


  • Finn and Rachel sustained their relationship
  • The New Directions won Sectionals, Regionals and Nationals
  • The auditions for West Side Story revealed many talents
  • Klaine (Kurt and Blaine) and Finchel (Finn and Rachel) grew closer
  • The auditions for NYADA
  • Kurt and Rachel’s friendship was evident (Yet I liked their friendship in NYC the most)
  • The Christmas fun
  • Kurt being Unicorn
  • Tina supporting Mike
  • Quinn in a negative shade
  • Kurt’s possessiveness and care on Blaine (When he was hurt by Sebastian)
  • Will’s proposal to Emma
  • Finn’s proposal to Rachel
  • Santana’s revelation (And her love for Brittany)
  • Karofsky’s emotional suicide attempt
  • Quinn’s accident
  • Prom (Rachel being selected as Prom Queen)
  • Blaine’s verge of insecurity (When someone was texting Kurt and when Kurt was about to leave McKinley)
  • Graduation and Goodbye moments

Favorite Glee Quote

When you are DIFFERENT,

When you are SPECIAL,

Sometimes you have to get used to be ALONE !

Kurt Hummel

❤ OTP ❤


Definitely, Kurt and Blaine, because I felt their relationship was more realistic, initially they met as friends, Blaine helping Kurt to be brave about his identity and to face the bullies with courage, and in due time, when Kurt was transferred to Dalton, their love blossomed mutually. When Kurt was transferred back to McKinley due to his attachment for his friends, their love was smooth and subtle, yet Blaine transferred to McKinley to be with his one true love Kurt, this happens in every relationship where they love each other so much that they can’t live without each other even for minutes. The more they came closer, the more they exchanged gazes, the more they were possessive and protective of each other, the more they sang to each other, the more they loved and proved what is meant to be soulmates. I smile whenever Blaine looks at Kurt with so much love and tears in his eyes. I wished someone look at me like Blaine looking at Kurt. And he will be the one to say his I love you’s the most and he affirms whenever Kurt say something, I personally all his okays. Their love was tested when it was long distance, Blaine’s betrayal was due to his loneliness and insecurity, but he realized and apologized immediately, and that’s the difference between Rachel and Blaine, Rachel was not sorry being with Brody whereas Blaine according to me was very truthful to Kurt and his mistake was drawn out of his moment of weakness. This is one of the many reasons why I ship Klaine superior to Finchel yet quite there are so many reasons for me to choose Klaine as OTP. Kurt was committed to his relationship, that’s why I feel he is sensible and mature, comparatively to Blaine. Kurt forgave Blaine and gave him a second chance. That’s appreciative. Then they were close to each other In NYC, which shrunk their personal space, and that is a very common problem in relationships. When two people in love are farther, distance creates problems and they dream to be together, and when they tend to be near, that breaks the illusion and generates more expectations leading to disappointments. Every individual watching Klaine could relate their situation to them in one or the other way. Blaine’s proposal was bold and touching, I would say that’s the best and my favorite scene in the entire series. The words he utter conveying that they have a connection keeping them together in all their lives gives the viewers a sense of pleasure in shipping them as soulmates. When Blaine sang to him in the hospital when he was beaten up, and when he confronted the band guy, Elliot, was when I convinced myself that I would never doubt Blaine’s love for Kurt.


The biggest breakups sometimes could be of smallest reasons, like the used towels and the long hours of waiting, because once they enter the phase of relationship from friendships, there will be more demands and responsibilities tougher than imagination, which could never be expected and pre-planned.  And the closure they experience is not acceptable because they feel an essential and vital part in their life has been cut off leading them to difficulties in survival. Hence they require or maybe they think they require a company, that’s when they start to date someone else to suppress their feelings for their soulmates. Hence it was completely acceptable when Kurt dated that old guy and Blaine dated Dave. And when the desirable attention is not received, we tend to be attracted to the side where the lack of attention is sufficed (yet couldn’t be replaced), hence Kurt tend to go out with Adam and Blaine’s crush on Sam as he spent most of his time with him.


In this case, Kurt was strong enough in letting none to near him never accepting his failure in losing his one true love, until he heard of Blaine and Dave moving in. I felt like punching Dave when he was standing beside Blaine, I felt shocked, where on earth did this creature came from ? I felt sorry for Kurt. But thank God, Blaine never stopped loving Kurt (He cares even for the Kurt ‘puppet’ and his portrait made of pasta).


Blaine was persistent and Kurt was consistent, I think they had difference in opinions, but they loved each other so much that they ended up together. Blaine loved Kurt more but Kurt was the one who saved their relationship, I would say. The more no. of I Love You’s are definitely said by Blaine but their cute moments are a delight to watch. No matter what their sexuality is, they had set an example to be soulmates. In the end, I believe even if Sue doesn’t make efforts to patch them, they would have ended up together, because they’re endgame.


The way Blaine look at Kurt, Kurt’s consistency and possession, their songs and duets, their hugs and kisses, their cute impressions, their chemistry, the story line and their love, has made me awe and believe in One True Love.

Chris Colfer once told in an interview that young girls ship Klaine than boys because they see the inner essence than the outer portrayal, and I completely agree with him.

Best Dressed Character

Quinn Fabray! Yes, she was elegant, pretty and beautiful, neatly dressed having a perfectly brushed hair, I loved the curls of her in Season 3, and her choice of colors matching her skin tone and the choice of outfits matching her body shape, in that way, I definitely am a Quinn Fabray fan from the beginning till the end.


Best Voice

Rachel Berry (Played by Lea Michelle) and Blaine Anderson (Played by Darren Criss)

A Character who is most similar to me

Emma Pillsbury due to her extensive panic attacks and supportive nature.

Favorite Friendship


Kurt and Rachel ! Yes, initially there was a strong friendship shown between Kurt and Mercedes, and they sustained till the end, but I kinda like Kurt and Rachel’s friendship more. At first, there was competitive spirit between them, but when he was transferred to Dalton, she was more like a soul sister to him. She supported him and he stood up for her everywhere. Here are some few incidents, why I love them so much,

  • When she asked him to smile when he was singing
  • When he tells ‘Shut Up’ when she show him her engagement ring
  • When they decide to apply for NYADA
  • When she helps him in West Side Story audition
  • When she cheats to make him win the election
  • When they stay together in NYC
  • When he tells, ‘Rachel is beautiful’ to Santana
  • When he hugs her despite his restrictions


  • When he is honest with her attitude
  • When he gives her life advice
  • When they inspire each other
  • Her message for her in his school book where she mentioned him as ‘Soulmate’ (deleted scene)
  • When he hosts Barbravention for her
  • When they opened their letters together (She mentioned Kurt and Finn as the most important persons in her life)
  • When they had breakfast at Tiffanys
  • When they shared the broadway stage
  • The crying scene in car where they freak out about their future in NYADA (and not giving up on each other)


  • When he tells, ‘Rachel is one of us, we’re the ones who get to humiliate her’
  • When he is the first one for her to tell all her life happenings (OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!)
  • When they go to tattoo shop together
  • When he gives her a make over
  • When they practice together
  • When they are for each other’s shows


  • When they sing together [Defying gravity, Happy days are here again, Don’t cry for me Argentina, For Good, Ding Dong the witch is dead, Bring him home, Get Back and Popular)
  • When they walk together hand in hand
  • When they became teachers
  • When they cry on each other’s shoulders


  • When she became the surrogate for his baby (Awwwwwwwwwww……….)
  • And many many many many more

I just love them, they are true friendship goals !!!!!!!! Lea Michele dedicated her award to Chris Colfer mentioning him as her partner in crime (That’s so sweet!)


Favorite Relationship

Kurt and Burt Hummel, the supportive, caring, concerning, possessive, protective, loving father and son.


Favorite Solos

In no particular order

  • Let it Go by Rachel Berry
  • My Man by Rachel Berry
  • Being Alive by Kurt Hummel
  • This Time by Rachel Berry
  • Make you feel my Love by Rachel Berry
  • All of me by Blaine Anderson
  • Jessie’s girl by Finn Hudson
  • Not the boy Next door by Kurt Hummel
  • Roots before branches by Rachel Berry
  • Beautiful by Mercedes Jones
  • I have Nothing by Kurt Hummel
  • I’ll stand by you by Finn Hudson
  • Girl on Fire by Santana Lopez
  • Cough Syrup by Blaine Anderson
  • I wanna hold your hand by Kurt Hummel
  • Rain on my parade by Rachel Berry
  • It’s all coming back to me now by Blaine Anderson

Favorite Duets

In no particular order

  • Come What May by Kurt and Blaine
  • Baby, It’s cold outside by Kurt and Blaine
  • Don’t you want me by Rachel and Blaine
  • Faithfully by Rachel and Finn
  • I just can’t stop loving you by Finn and Rachel
  • Happy days are here again by Kurt and Rachel
  • So Emotional by Santana and Rachel
  • Need you now by Puck and Rachel
  • The Boy is mine by Santana and Mercedes
  • Listen to your heart by Rachel and Jessie
  • Holding out for a hero by Marley and Kitty
  • Lucky by Sam and Quinn
  • I ‘m still standing by Artie and Quinn
  • I feel Pretty/Unpretty by Rachel and Quinn
  • Up, Up, Up by Artie and Quinn
  • Last Christmas by Finn and Rachel
  • Perfect by Blaine and Kurt
  • You drive me crazy by Jake and Marley
  • I wanna dance with somebody by Santana and Brittany
  • Summer Nights by Sam and Mercedes
  • Be Okay by Rachel and Santana
  • Smile by Finn and Rachel
  • Endless love by Will and Rachel

Favorite Group Songs

In no particular order

  • Don’t Stop Believing by New Directions
  • To Sir, With Love by New Directions
  • Loser like me by New Directions
  • Anyway you want it by New Directions
  • Teenage dream by Warblers
  • Lean on me by New Directions
  • One of us by New Directions
  • Keep Holding On by New Directions
  • You can’t stop the beat by New Directions
  • This is the New year by New Directions
  • Paradise by the Dashboard Light by New Directions
  • Born this way by New Directions
  • Halo/Walking on Sunshine by New Directions Girls

Emotional Moments

  • Finn’s death


  • Will bowing down to the choir room


  • Jean’s funeral
  • Kurt’s encounter in NYC
  • Blaine’s proposal to Kurt
  • Rachel’s choking in NYADA audition
  • Beth’s birth
  • Karofsky’s suicide attempt
  • Becky’s betrayal to Sue
  • Burt’s angioplasty
  • Quinn’s accident

Best Performance

Sue Sylvester played by Jane Lynch (Her dialogue delivery, sarcastic one-liners, her voice, her screen presence, her competitive spirit and Her encounters with Will Schuester played by Matthew Morrison)

What Glee mean to me,…

Glee is reminiscing my school and college memories, missing my best friends, having courage to pursue my dreams, be confident of what I am and what I stand for, a perfect series to re-watch anytime and anywhere, a medicine to heal my negativity, a platform to change certain perspectives (Certainly of love), a safe place to go back to, a lot of breathtaking music and opening up to joy.

Glee could be just a TV show, but anything makes me happy and blissful deserves to be celebrated ! And I just did !






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